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K-12 Assessment

Welcome to the K-12 Assessment Webpage

Thank you for visiting the K-12 Assessment page. Assessment provides parents, students, educators, and policymakers with data that may be used for evaluating district, school, and student performance. Test results are utilized by parents, teachers, administrators, and board members to plan instructional programs that enhance educational opportunities for Bozeman students.

Vision Statement

Overarching Goal

The District will create and implement a standards-based assessment system that increases student achievement through results-driven instruction.


Balanced, standards-based district assessment system will focus on student centered, formative and summative assessments that will provide usable teaching tools for the purpose of increasing student achievement.

Professional Development

Professional development will support staff members as they shift current practice to standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Professional development will guide teachers to create and implement their own formative assessments to emphasize instruction and feedback to students.


Curriculum will guide teachers with clear learning goals aligned to District-adopted standards that correlate to state and national standards. The curriculum will empower teachers to support all students in meeting district content and process standards.

Student Involvement/Student Success

Students will use feedback from assessments to identify individual strengths and weaknesses in order to set goals and monitor progress.


Teachers will evaluate student results using fair grading practices. All pertinent achievement data will be made available to colleagues, parents, and students.