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Multilingual/English Learners

Welcome to the Bozeman Public School District Multilingual Learner*/English Learner (ML/EL) webpage

Title III: The purpose of the Title III program is to help ensure that EL/ML students become proficient in English and attain state standards through creating high level language instructional programs, professional development and parent outreach. 

*As part of the asset-based belief system implemented by WIDA, we stand by the new term Multilingual Learner to describe all students who come in contact with and-or interact in languages in addition to English on a regular basis. Multilingual is a strengths-based label that recognizes students who have the ability to become bilingual or multilingual through instructional support, and it acknowledges the ability to speak more than one language as a highly valuable asset to be celebrated. At Bozeman Public Schools, we honor our ML/EL student's ability to become multilingual through research based instructional support that both supports their English language acquisition and provides access to content subject matter while honoring their heritage languages. 

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Bozeman School District follows the 10 WIDA guiding Principles of Language development: 

  1. Multilingual learners’ languages and cultures are valuable resources to be leveraged for schooling and classroom life; leveraging these assets and challenging biases help develop multilingual learners’ independence and encourage their agency in learning.
  2. Multilingual learners’ development of multiple languages enhances their knowledge and cultural bases, their intellectual capacities, and their flexibility in language use.
  3. Multilingual learners’ language development and learning occur over time through meaningful engagement in activities that are valued in their homes, schools, and communities.
  4. Multilingual learners’ language, social-emotional, and cognitive development are inter-related processes that contribute to their success in school and beyond.
  5. Multilingual learners use and develop language when opportunities for learning take into account their individual experiences, characteristics, abilities, and levels of language proficiency.
  6. Multilingual learners use and develop language through activities which intentionally integrate multiple modalities, including oral, written, visual, and kinesthetic modes of communication.
  7. Multilingual learners use and develop language to interpret and access information, ideas, and concepts from a variety of sources, including real-life objects, models, representations, and multimodal texts.
  8. Multilingual learners draw on their metacognitive, metalinguistic, and metacultural awareness to develop effectiveness in language use.
  9. Multilingual learners use their full linguistic repertoire, including translanguaging practices, to enrich their language development and learning.
  10. Multilingual learners use and develop language to interpret and present different perspectives, build awareness of relationships, and affirm their identities.

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