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HiSET Option Program

The Montana HiSET Option Program is designed to be a part of a high school curriculum that provides another pathway for students to obtain a high school diploma.  Montana HiSET Option Program students are a group of students who have the capabilities to complete high school but are behind in the credits needed to graduate with their class and are at risk of leaving school without a high school diploma. This program allows those students who meet the requirements an opportunity to stay in school and graduate with their class.   

Montana HiSet Option Program is:

  1. A Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) approved option affiliated with Educational  Testing Service (ETS).
  2. A voluntary program.  
  3. A screened entry program with strict guidelines for approval.
  4. A diploma producing program upon completion.
  5. Aligned with high school course material that provide for quality, best practice instruction.
  6. A program for full time students.
  7. A program that students must continue to fulfill all other graduation requirements.
  8. An active learning experience.

Montana HiSet Option Program is not:

  1. An independent program at unapproved or unaffiliated sites.
  2. A program for any student who signs up.
  3. Required
  4. An early exit program from high school.
  5. A test preparation program.
  6. An independent study program.
  7. A dumping ground for unsuccessful students.
  8. An easy entry program.
  9. A second class option to finishing high school.

To learn more about our HiSet Option Program please contact your student's high school principal.

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