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Unsupervised Volunteer Information

Hello Volunteer - Thank You!

If your classroom teacher(s) or building principal(s) have asked you to be an UNSUPERVISED Volunteer, Please read and complete the following forms and applications. Here is some information on our process and District Requirements.

1. Please fill out the Criminal Background Check-You may choose either the “Thank You for Volunteering” link or the “Thank You for Volunteering and Offsetting the Cost of Background Checks” (Background checks cost $35. This fee is typically covered by the school budget or added to the cost of the field trip. Paying for your own background check can help keep costs down and can help stretch the limited school budget - Thank you!) District Policy 5122 requires all volunteers who will have unsupervised contact with students to pass a criminal background check. This policy helps ensure the safety of all BSD7 students and is not intended to discriminate based on criminal history. The BIB Volunteer Background Check application includes information regarding your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, However, the background checks do not include any financial information, such as credit history, taxes or income. The Criminal Background Check must be completed once every three years.

2. Upon approval as an unsupervised volunteer, the building principal will provide you with the Bozeman School District Volunteer/Chaperone/University Observer Guidelines and Disclosure Form.

Should any subsequent violations occur, you are required to disclose to the building principal..

If a volunteer chooses to decline a criminal background check or has a prior conviction, they may still be eligible to volunteer in a supervised capacity with BSD7.