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Safety and Ethics in Cyberspace

We can all be a part of helping our students become "street smart" on the Internet!

Most experiences we have on the Internet are positive but, like most endeavors, there are risks. A little knowledge about those risks can go a long way towards protecting students from exploitive, dangerous or inappropriate situations as they use the Internet at school and at home.

Students can benefit a great deal from their online experiences, but they may also access inappropriate materials; become victims of exploitation or crime; or become targets of harassment, bullying or other offensive behaviors. Children and teenagers need parental and other adult supervision and common sense advice on how to insure that their experiences in "cyberspace" are constructive and enjoyable.

What can you do?

  • Tips for Parents - What are the signs of trouble? How can you effectively manage your home computer environment? How can you help your child make wise decisions on the Internet?
  • Tips for Students - What's safe and what's not: Steering clear of mean people and trouble in general. Separate tips for teens and young students.
  • Glossary for the Adults - Having trouble talking to your child because you are confused about their new vocabulary?
  • Ethics & Copyright - Issues concerning honesty and intellectual property rights.
  • Resources for Teachers & Staff - Using the Internet for enhancing education can go hand in hand with helping students behave safely and legally online.
  • General Links & Resources - Just a few of the many fine resources on the Internet that can help you learn more about "Cybersafety."
  • Technology Policies - The Bozeman School District's policies regarding technology use by our students and staff.

CyberSafe information copied and used with permission from Boise School District