School Bus Conduct

Parents are responsible for the conduct and welfare of their children, to and from, and while waiting at the school bus stop.

Good conduct aboard the school bus is imperative to the safety and welfare of the riders. The bus is an extension of the school and classroom behavior is expected. The school bus driver has the authority to assign seats whenever they feel that it is necessary to do so.

Parents are legally and financially responsible for any malicious damage or vandalism done by their child to a bus. The child will be suspended from the bus at least until reimbursement has been made to the contractor.

The riding privilege of a student will be revoked without prior warning for violation of any of the bus safety rules or for conduct, which is detrimental to the safe operation of the school bus. Parents will be notified of continued misconduct of their children.

What can parents do?

The interest and assistance of each parent are valued assets to the Transportation Program. Your efforts towards making each bus trip a safe and pleasant experience are appreciated. The following suggestions are ways that you can assist in this regard.

  • Insure that your children are at their bus stop FIVE (5) MINUTES EARLY.
  • Dress your children in clothing appropriate for the weather conditions.
  • Encourage school bus safety at home. Caution children regarding safe behavior and conduct while riding on the school bus.

Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been developed to insure the safest, most enjoyable, and efficient transportation for all passengers. This list of Rules and Regulations obviously does not encompass every possible infraction that may result in disciplinary action or suspension of riding privileges.



  • Arrive at their designated stop 5 minutes early.
  • Stay out of the road and do not loiter on or damage or destroy surrounding property while waiting for the bus.
  • Refrain from horseplay activities, such as throwing snowballs and other objects or hitting or kicking others.
  • Walk toward the bus -- do not run in an effort to be the first to board the bus. Board one at a time in single file.
  • Always watch for oncoming traffic before crossing the street. Maintain eye contact with the driver and cross only after receiving a hand signal from the driver.

While Riding the School Bus, Each Passenger Shall:

  • Walk into the bus one at a time and sit down quietly.
  • Obey the school bus driver and not do anything, which will take the driver’s attention away from their driving.
  • Place books and instruments at their bus seat.
  • Sit facing forward with their feet on the floor in front of them at all times.
  • Not put any part of their body out of the window or throw anything out of the window.
  • Report any damage to the bus to the bus driver at once.

The following activities ARE NOT PERMITTED and will result in a one (1) to ten (10) day minimum suspension of riding privileges on the first offense (No Warning Required):

  • Throwing any object out of the bus.
  • Eating, chewing gum or drinking.
  • Lighting matches or lighters on the bus.
  • Carrying on to the bus and/or using rubber bands, spit wads, water guns, water balloons, snowballs, knives or any weapon, etc.
  • Playing any audio or video devise out loud (personal units with headsets are acceptable).
  • Possession or use of alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, cigarettes, or chewing tobacco while on the bus.
  • Shouting, using profanity or derogatory language, or name-calling.
  • Moving about the school bus while it is in motion, kneeling, standing, or sitting backward in the seat.
  • Distracting the bus driver’s attention away from their driving.
  • Causing harm, injury or a threat of harm or injury to any other bus passenger.
  • Putting any part of the body out of the window.
  • Damaging or defacing the school bus (contractor will be reimbursed for damage before riding privileges are reinstated).
  • Laser Pointers are ABSOLUTELY not allowed on the bus.
  • Skateboards must be either secured to or transported in a bag or case while on the bus. Loose Skateboards are not allowed

After Leaving the School Bus, Each Passenger Shall:

  • Walk while getting off the bus -- do not rush or push while the bus is unloading.
  • Always watch and check for other vehicles before crossing the street.
  • Walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus when crossing the street so that the bus driver can see the passenger. Maintain eye contact with the driver and wait for a hand signal before crossing. Stop before leaving the protection of the bus and look both ways before continuing. Crossing the street to load or unload is a partnership between the driver and students - each are responsible for a safe crossing.
  • Get permission from the driver before picking up a dropped item anywhere near the bus. When a student bends over to pick up a dropped item the driver loses sight of them.
  • Proceed directly from the bus stop to home.

Consequences Resulting from Misconduct

If a student repeatedly displays inappropriate behavior on the bus, the student may be referred to the school district for possible revocation of bus privileges for the year.

Any offense may result in a conference with the student and his/her parents at the school.

In the event that students fail to abide by the rules of safe ridership, the following will take place:

A conduct notice (Green Slip) is issued indicating the type of offense. A student may not ride until the conduct notice (green slip) is returned signed by a parent or guardian to the bus driver.


  • Failure to follow directions from the driver.
  • Failure to load/unload at assigned bus stop.
  • Eating, chewing gum or drinking.
  • Throwing or the projection of any object in or out of the bus.
  • The use of profanity, derogatory language, name-calling or inappropriate gestures.
  • Not sitting properly in the bus seat, or changing seats without permission.
  • Putting any part of the body out of the window of the bus.

1st Class I Offense………….. 1-3 day suspension from all buses.

2nd Class I Offense…………. 3-5 day suspension from all buses.

3rd Class I Offense………….. Suspension of all bus privileges until a meeting with parent or guardian to determine further corrective action.


  • Causing harm, injury or a threat of harm, injury to any bus passenger.
  • Harassment of the bus driver or any bus passenger.

1st Class II Offense………….. 1-3 day suspension from all buses.

2nd Class II Offense…………. 3-5 day suspension from all buses.

3rd Class II Offense………….. Suspension of all bus privileges until a meeting with parent or guardian to determine further corrective action.


  • Intentional damage to any part of the bus. This includes damage to seats. (Parent/guardian will be held responsible for the cost of repair/replacement before transportation can resume.)
  • The use of matches, lighters, (any incendiary device) on the bus.
  • Possession or use of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia.
  • The use or display of a knife, box cutter or similar device, with the intent to harm oneself, others or to cause damage to private property.
  • Unjustified activation of any of the school bus emergency systems.

1st Class III Offense………... 20 day suspension from all buses.

2nd Class III Offense……….. Suspension of all bus privileges until meeting with parent/guardian to determine further corrective action.


  • The possession of a firearm or destructive device.

1st Class IV Offense………..Suspension of all buses for one calendar year.

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