Inclement Weather

Bozeman School District #7 - Inclement Weather Procedures

School Closure Procedures (School District Policy 2221P)

All students, parents, and school employees should assume that school will be in session and buses running as scheduled, unless there is official notification from the superintendent or his designee to the contrary. Such notice will be given via public media (generally radio).

In the event that extremely cold temperatures, wind chill factors, snow, wind or other circumstances require a modification of the normal routine, the superintendent or his designee will make the modification decision prior to 6:00 a.m. and contact the public radio stations for broadcast to the community and will initiate the emergency fan-out communication procedure to all administrators.

Modification of the normal routine generally occurs in one of two ways. The first circumstance occurs when buses are unable to safely make their normal runs. In this case bus transportation is suspended, but school is still in session. Students are encouraged to attend, but parents must make the judgment relative to safety for their children to reach school and return at the end of the day.

The other rare and very unusual circumstance occurs when conditions are such to warrant closure of the schools. In this circumstance, two situations may occur: 1) The first situation occurs when the Governor declares a state of emergency and no state funds are to be denied the school district as a result of school closure. 2) The other situation occurs when a state of emergency may not exist throughout the state, but conditions require closure in Bozeman.

More information regarding procedures for staff can be found in Policy 2221P.

Bus Procedures (Policy 8124P)

In the event that weather conditions create hazardous driving conditions or the temperature is -20F (without wind chill), school bus transportation may be delayed, altered, or canceled.  Bozeman radio and television stations will make announcements regarding any changes in bus services.

Parents should be aware that the bus may arrive late to the stop during inclement weather.  In extreme cold temperatures it would be best to keep children inside a shelter (house or vehicle) until the bus arrives.  To find out the status of a bus, please contact one of the numbers below:

  • First Student Contact Information (406) 556-8039
  • First Student Bus Status Hot Line (406) 579-2731

Limited Exposure and School Recess Procedure

Generally students will go outside for recess unless the temperature falls below 0 degrees Fahrenheit or if the combination of wind chill and temperature necessitate limited outdoor exposure.  As the temperature and conditions may vary between schools and time of day, the Principal or designee will make the final decision regarding outdoor recess.  Parents are encouraged to remind students to dress appropriately for all weather conditions.  Students should assume that they will be outside for recess every day and should dress for the weather. Questions regarding school recess procedures should be directed to the school Principal.

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