Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP)

Bozeman Public Schools’ Long Range

Strategic Planning

Approved for Implementation 2013


Bozeman Public Schools launched a new strategic planning process in the fall of 2007 to bring more rigor to the process of setting goals; to ensure the wants, preferences, and needs of our community are well understood; and to strategically focus our resources.  We are doing this to build a stronger and more vital School District that is widely recognized as delivering outstanding education to our students.

The Board and Staff Leadership Team followed a knowledge-based decision-making process.  In so doing, we reviewed and updated existing mission, vision and goal statements for the District.  This type of systematic review will be an ongoing element of our strategic planning and evaluation process.

We also established a very long-term vision (a Big Audacious Goal) to guide us over the next twenty years.  We then established interim five-year goals and identified trends and issues that are likely to have significant impact on achieving those goals.  The Board has committed itself to studying and analyzing these issues in a proactive manner to ensure the District is best positioned to deliver on our long-term vision.  The Bozeman Board and Staff Leadership Team used the "Above & Beyond” and various other community engagement processes to ensure this process reflected community needs and desires.  In June 2013, a team of educators, community members, and Board of Trustees met to review and revise the LRSP.  The Montana School Board Association, an organization that was involved in the creation of the original LRSP in 2007, facilitated the process.

Bozeman Public Schools’ Board and Staff Leadership Team view the process of strategic planning as an ongoing process within Bozeman Public Schools.  This is not a "strategic planning project" that is completed. Adoption of a plan is an affirmation of the general intent and direction articulated by the Core Ideology, Envisioned Future and Goals and Strategic Objectives.  In addition to a comprehensive review of the Strategic Planning document in its entirety, the Board and Leadership Team assess the strategic objectives annually in collaboration with the community.

Strategic Planning Framework

The framework used by Bozeman Public Schools for its strategic planning process was adapted from a model developed by Jim Collins, author of Built to Last and Good to Great.  The Board focused on five different planning horizons, starting with the long term issues first to provide focus to short-term efforts. 

Five Year Horizons

Core Ideology of the Bozeman Public School District

Core Ideology describes a school district's consistent identity that transcends all changes related to its relevant environment. It consists of two elements: 1) Core Purpose - the school district's reason for being; and 2) Core Values - essential and enduring principles that guide a school district.  Envisioned Future conveys a concrete yet unrealized vision for the school district.  It consists of a Big Audacious Goal - a clear and compelling catalyst that serves as a focal point for effort and Vivid Descriptions - vibrant and engaging descriptions of what it will be like to achieve the big audacious goal.

Core Purpose of the Bozeman Public School District:

"Bozeman Public Schools exist to provide an outstanding education that inspires and ensures high achievement so every student can succeed and make a difference in a rapidly changing world community.”

Core Values of the Bozeman Public School District:

  • High Student Achievement:  We are committed to ensuring that all students achieve at high levels
  • Committed, Quality Staff: We employ and retain well qualified and talented staff members who demonstrate a commitment to the core purpose of the District.
  • Community and Family Engagement:  We believe that parents and the community are essential contributors in the achievement of our goals.
  • Climate: We operate in a climate of respect, honesty and hard work, recognizing the need to be adaptable and open to change.
  • Fiscal Responsibility:  We are fiscally responsible in the management and expenditure of all District resources.
  • Decision Making:  We rely on best practices research to guide our decision-making.

20 Year Planning Horizon

Envisioned Future of the Bozeman Public School District

Big Audacious Goal:

The Bozeman Public School District is student-centered and known as a vibrant, flexible, purposeful and progressive educational system that values diversity, models community engagement, provides numerous opportunities to generate individual student growth and engage students to succeed and positively contribute in a global community.

A Vivid Description of the Desired Future:


  • First and foremost, the focus of Bozeman Public Schools is on the academic, personal and social growth of every student
  • Students are innovative, know how to communicate effectively and persevere to solve real world problems
  • Each student is recognized as having unique strengths and needs.  Likewise, students are accepting, understanding of others, flexible and resilient
  • Students are exposed to, interested in, and interactive with the global community. 
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of quality activities that enhance their ability to succeed in school and as part of a world community
  • Every student graduates and has met or exceeded the high academic standards of the Bozeman Public School District such that all students are college and career ready
  • Students are inspired to take ownership in their learning and understand that talents and abilities are reached through effort and perseverance.  


  • As facilitators of learning, educators are enthusiastic and inspire each student to reach the student’s maximum potential
  • Educators participate in a relevant and research based professional development programs to enhance, develop and build individual capacity
  • Student growth, data driven instruction, staff collaboration, parent and community partnerships are at the core of all professional discussions
  • Educators enable learners to acquire information, make meaning from their learning, transfer learning to challenging and unique situations, and expose students to the global community
  • Educators are able to recognize the needs of students and adequately prepared to meet those needs.
  • Educators take an individualized approach to education in order to facilitate growth and achievement for each student.


  • The District maintains an exceptional, clearly articulated educational system that defines achievement on the attainment of goals and our effects are widely recognized. 
  • The District is effective at preparing students for college and career readiness. 
  • The District employs an effective management structure demonstrating behaviors that consistently produce effective staff leadership
  • Resources and delivery systems (e.g., the school schedule/calendar, facilities, technology, pedagogy, materials, curriculum, balanced metrics, etc.) are regularly assessed, aligned and optimally correlated to ensure achievement of the strategic plan of the District and to maximize the learning opportunities of children enrolled in Bozeman Public Schools. 
  • The Board and Administrative Leadership Team work collaboratively with the community to create a common vision with flexibility and ability to respond to a changing environment. 
  • The District shall attract and retain highly qualified teachers who are competitively compensated, valued, supported, and respected by all stakeholders


  • Together, Bozeman Public Schools, students, families and the community regularly collaborate as equal partners to achieve the shared goals of the District and community
  • Families are recognized and supported in their critical role in student success
  • The District provides accessible, educationally responsive and community-centered facilities that regularly serve as locations where the community gathers and collaborates in the interests of children
  • Bozeman Public Schools are committed to being transparent, community-centered and integrated into the world community.  The schools of the District provide a link between the Bozeman community and the global community.  Likewise, the community recognizes its role and responsibility in sharing in the District’s efforts
  • Bozeman Public Schools are integral to the community and recognized as a significant contributor to Bozeman’s outstanding quality of life
  • The success of our school system is important to the economic growth of the community

5-10 Year Planning Horizon

Assumptions Regarding the Relevant Future for the Bozeman Public School District

In order to make progress toward the 20 year Envisioned Future, the Bozeman Public School District must constantly anticipate the strategic factors likely to affect its ability to succeed, and to assess the implications of those factors. This process of building foresight about the future will help Bozeman Public Schools update the strategic plan on an annual basis to ensure its relevance and focus.  As the outcome-oriented goals that will form the basis of the long-range strategic plan will be based on this foresight, annual review of these statements will be an appropriate method of determining and ensuring the ongoing relevance of the strategic plan.

Creating the Assumptions:  The Bozeman School Board and Staff Leadership Team agree that the following assumptions are likely to have the greatest influence on the development of the Bozeman Public School District strategic plan.

Curriculum and Instruction


  • The ultimate goal of curriculum and instruction is to support every student in reaching their potential.
  • The willingness and ability to adapt to change is critical for everyone in our learning community.
  • Curriculum assessment and instructional practices must be flexible and adaptable to remain relevant.
  • Assuring that our students are college and career ready in a global community demands a wide variety of resources including human, material, technology, diverse opportunities and time.

Demographics/Social Values


  • As the Bozeman community continues to experience substantial growth in population diversity, Bozeman Public Schools:
    1. will be responsive to the identified challenges;
    2. will continue to engage all community members to supports our schools and create consensus; and
    3. will enhance partnerships with families, community organizations and other stakeholders. 
  • As economic divide grows, public schools will have an increased need to show value of public education.

Business/Economic Climate


  • According to the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce:
    1. Bozeman's economy is largely supported by agriculture but tourism and the high tech industry are having an increased influence in the area
    2. One in every 10 new businesses formed in Montana was formed in Gallatin County which makes this area 2nd in business growth in the state
    3. Bozeman is also home to Montana State University - a large economic force in the community
    4. Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley remains a strong community for large and small business alike
    5. Also, there is a wide diversity of the different types of businesses, from retail and tourism to manufacturing and agriculture
  • The cost of living in the Bozeman area is higher than other cities in Montana, impacting the District’s ability to recruit and retain a qualified support staff (i.e. custodians, food service)
  • The growth of businesses and influences of MSU contribute to a dynamic civic environment
  • Bozeman Public Schools will need to continue to respond to the challenges of a diverse socio-economic community
  • Bozeman Public Schools will need to continue to play a key role in community development



  • As technology evolves, the Bozeman School District will continue to implement new technology for educational opportunities. 
  • To help students be competitive in a global community, Bozeman Public Schools will experience a continued need for teaching and integrating technology
  • As technology changes, communication and collaboration will continue to evolve.  This fact will impact our classroom structure, our learning model and our methods of communicating with parents, the community and others.
  • Bozeman Public Schools will face a growing need to teach responsible and appropriate use of technology tools, including social media
  • There will continue to be various levels of comfort and use of new technology within the District.  There will be a continued need for professional development and monitoring access, equity and effective use
  • Technology will help equalize opportunities for students

Legislation and Policies


  • The pursuit of adequate funding for quality education will continue to be a need.  Regardless of what funding is provided, we need to work with what is available, be creative, and prioritize
  • Bozeman Public Schools will have to engage area schools, the local community and the local legislators in a sustained, effective and concerted effort to ensure a proper understanding of and support for our financial needs. 
  • We will need to facilitate a greater level of involvement of the community in discussions to help generate a common understanding of our financial needs
  • The public will continue to expect transparency, efficiency, accountability and improved instruction
  • School choice will continue to be a legislative issue

Goals and Strategic Objectives

Goal Area 1: Academic Performance:  Each student meets or exceeds the high academic standards necessary for college and career readiness.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Each student shows sustained, individual, academic growth in all content areas.
  • Integrated and differentiated approaches to instruction and assessment are used to personalize learning goals based on district standards.
  • Students engage in learning that is characterized by high academic rigor, creativity, collaboration and real world application.
  • By graduation, each student understands his/her role in a global community.


Strategic Objectives:

1.01 Personalize learning for each student to help all realize sustained academic growth in all content areas.  Short title:  Personalize Learning.

1.02 Utilize content area standards in planning and instruction in conjunction with performance based grading and reporting practices.  Short Title:  Instruction and Assessment.

1.03 Use technology to improve productivity and learning opportunities.  Short title: Technology Productivity (Will be embedded into 1.01,1.02).

1.04 Utilize meaningful, job-embedded professional development to support student achievement.  Short title:  Professional Development.

1.05 Offer learning opportunities beyond the walls of the school for K-12 students. Short title:  Opportunities Beyond School.

1.06 Prepare all students to be College and Career Ready to engage in a global community.  Short title:  College and Career Ready.

Goal Area 2: Operations and Capacity Building:  District operations, facilities and human resources promote an efficient and innovative educational system.

Intended Outcomes

  • Secure adequate land and facilities for current enrollment and projected enrollment.
  • Allocate resources according to program goals.
  • Secure adequate, sustainable funding.
  • Hire, develop and retain highly qualified and effective personnel to meet program needs.
  • Plan for and implement the optimal use of current and future technology resources.
  • Build new and maintain District facilities that provide an environment conducive to student learning and achievement.


2.01 Secure and align resources with District goals.  Short title:  Align Resources with Goals.

2.02 Use refined Functional Capacity and Enrollment Projections to make decisions regarding student enrollment, placement and long-range facility needs.  Short title:  Enrollment, Placement & Facility Decisions.

2.03 Use the evaluation process to develop high performance and promote leadership within the education team.  Short title:  Evaluation Process.

2.04 Maintain adequate and equitable school facilities conducive to effective learning and working.  Short title:  Maintain Facilities.

Goal Area 3:  Community Engagement and Partnerships:  Bozeman Public Schools has created an environment in which all education stakeholders at the local, state and national level are supportive, engaged, and contribute to successfully educate our students.

Intended Outcomes

  • Form collaborative relationships between students’ families and schools that are central to the achievement of educational excellence.
  • Enhance communication both internally and externally to improve the quality of our educational programming.
  • Achieve on-going development of relationships with community partners to enhance student success and opportunities.
  • Plan, inform, coordinate and collaborate local and state policymakers and community organizations for adequate and sustainable school funding and provide influence on policy decisions.

Strategic Objectives 2013/14: Defined by the Executive Leadership Team.

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES:  School priority 2013/14

3.01 Enhance District transparency and accountability through effective communication with our community.  Short title: Communication.

3.02 Recognize and increase Educational Partnership opportunities.  Short title:  Educational Partnerships.

3.03 Use the Consensus Process to develop effective dialogue around matters of importance to the school district and our community.  Short title:  Consensus Process.

3.04 Engage in a collaborative dialogue surrounding topics of educational importance (Mega Issues) to our community and their impact on the LRSP.  Short title:  Mega Issues.

3.05 Elevate public awareness regarding the funding for Bozeman Public Schools and the associated linkages to achieve high quality educational programs.  Short title:  Funding Awareness.

3.06 Advocate for laws, rules, policies, procedures and resources needed to meet the high quality educational goals of our community.  Short title:  Advocacy.

Goal Area 4:  Student and Staff Safety/Health/Welfare:  Bozeman Public Schools has effective systems in place for students and staff to learn and work in a safe and healthy environment.

Intended Outcomes

  • In collaboration with other agencies and programs, Bozeman Public Schools reviews and maintains a well-defined preventative crisis and risk management plan addressing issues that may negatively impact student success.
  • Provides a safe and orderly learning and working environment for all students and staff members.
  • Assesses District K-12 approaches to alcohol/drug prevention, intervention, and consequences, and then implements appropriate strategies.
  • Wellness-focused activities and programs are available for all students and staff.
  • Healthy nutrition education and options are available for all students and staff.
  • Advocate for appropriate mental health education and services for students, families, and staff.

Strategic Objectives 2013/14: Defined by the Executive Leadership Team.


4.01 Create safe, supportive, engaging and healthy school environments.  Short title: School Environment.

4.02 Promote safety and wellness for students and staff to support responsible, healthy choices.  Short title:  Wellness.

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