Facility Use Agreement

Building and Facility Use Agreements

Dear Community Members,

All Facilities throughout the Bozeman School District are now available for use/rental requests. All outside groups must follow the Gallatin City County Health Department Guidelines found HERE. The district will be returning to original use/rental policy of ½ court uses. Two groups will share the gym if times overlap. If a group would like to use the entire gym, it is available to rent.

IMPORTANT: The district no longer uses the Kissflow form for facility use. We now use Facilitron.com.  All reservations require a Facilitron account to be created HERE.

The Facilitron system does not have the capability to allow Category One groups to sign up free of charge. However, these groups can submit a reservation request and chose 'pay by mail' (you will not need to pay even if there are charges). Make a comment in the comment field stating you are a category one group and should not be charged. Any groups who need assistance making a reservation, call Facilitron at 1-800-272-2962 ext. 1. Category Descriptions HERE


(updated March 12, 2021)

GCCHD Guideline Under Phased Reopening: Phase 2 HERE

Process to Use Facilities:

The District reserves the right to decline any facility use request or suspend a previously approved request. Coaches/Groups who do not follow protocols will be given one warning in most instances, then will lose access to facilities with further incidents.

  1. Create a Facilitron account at Facilitron.com. The district no longer uses the Kissflow request form.

  2. After your request has been approved in Facilitron, groups must go into their reservation and upload a participation roster. We have provided a sample roster that you can download HERE.  No reservation will be honored without this information.

Scheduling guidelines will apply - each team can request two practices per week, 1.5 hours each practice.

Groups will be scheduled at their age appropriate gyms. Willson gym is open to all school ages. 


COVID-19 Practices for Games, Contests, or Performances 

  • COVID protocols (masking, social distancing, hand washing, etc.) should be followed and will be monitored whenever feasibly possible by custodial staff. 

  •  Group size is limited HERE and it is preferable to have one group or team at a time in the gym
  • No round-robin or bracket tournaments are allowed. 

  • Locker rooms will not be available. Restrooms will be available.

  • Each individual should have their own face covering and face coverings should not be shared. Masks for players during play are encouraged, but not required.

  • Masking is required while not engaging in strenuous activity. A mask must be worn whenever a player is out of the game. 

COVID-19 Practices for Managing Spectators

  • Spectators are discouraged from attending and count towards the 25 person limit.

  • Spectators must maintain 6 foot distance (family/household exempt).

  • Parent pickup and drop off must occur outside of the building.

COVID-19 Practices in the Event of a Confirmed Case 

  • A line list should be created for each game, consisting of players, coaches, trainers, referees, etc. in attendance for contact tracing purposes. Teams should not rely on the roster submitted to BSD7 alone, due to potential absences and additions of players or coaches. 

  • Contact tracing will be the sole responsibility of the sponsors of the activity.

  • Event coaches/sponsors agree to cooperate with and communicate with GCCHD if contact tracing is required.

  • Facility use is suspended for the duration of the quarantine period for any player or coach who tests positive.


Rental Terms and Conditions

All facility use requests submitted will take an average of two weeks to process. The organization requesting use of the facility will have access to the facility only after the facility use agreement has been approved and only for the specific time stated on the agreement. Please specify any equipment needed and if a special setup is required. All media/technical equipment should be coordinated through the Media Specialist at 522-6392. To review school district policy on facility rental, cost to rent a facility and insurance requirements, please see below.

District Policies

Calendar Information

All School facilities will be closed when school is not in session. Please view the school calendar to review the days school will not be in session: http://www.bsd7.org/calendar

Contract Agreement


The school district promotes community use of school facilities during the hours when school is not in session. The use of the facilities will follow the priority of: (1) school-sponsored activities; (2) community recreation, youth groups, and cultural activities; (3) other educational activities.

General public use requests must be shown to be: (1) of an educational nature; (2) likely to contribute to the physical, moral and ethical well being of the participants; (3) legally and culturally acceptable; and (4) open to all regardless of color, sex, creed or national origin.


A Facility Use Agreement Contract must be signed by an authorized representative of the lessee using the school facility and a representative of the lessor, Bozeman School District No. 7. Such contract must be in a complete status when received by Lessor. No facility will be tentatively held for a potential lessee. Submittal and subsequent District approval of a Facility Use Agreement Contract is the only method to secure a venue. The Lessor, Bozeman School District No.7, reserves the right to cancel this Facility Use Agreement Contract in the event of an emergency, which requires that, the facility be available to the Lessor for its use at the same time as the scheduled event. If this occurs, the Lessor, Bozeman School District No. 7, will attempt to provide a Substitute facility to the Lessee.


Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered as endorsement of or approval of the activity group or organization nor for the purposes it represents. All uses will be by written contract. Any advertising or announcement by the user must include the following statement: "This program is sponsored by (name of user). Use of school district facilities does not constitute support of or endorsement by the Bozeman Public Schools." In a print advertisement or announcement, the disclaimer must be the same size as the font used to announce the location of the program. The remedy for failure to comply with this provision will be to immediately rescind the facility use contract.

Schedule of Needs:

Specific arrangements for schedules, times, personnel, equipment, and supplies shall be made through the Business Services Office no later than one month prior to the scheduled event. The Lessor assumes no obligation to meet any changes in requests and/or arrangement that have not been stated in the completed building use agreements.


With each request, charges will be determined on the basis of established rental rates, projected personnel, equipment and supply costs. Actual personnel, equipment and supply costs will be charged and billed to the lessee after the scheduled event. Payment is made payable to Bozeman School District No.7.


In the event of necessary cancellation of the scheduled event, the Business Services Office shall be notified at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled event. Failure to provide such advance notice will result in a basic utility charge.


The Lessee must provide sufficient supervision for crowd control, ticket sales, ushers, security of personal property and enforcement of the facility Rules and Regulations, and applicable state laws and local ordinances.


The stage technician and custodian must be on duty at all times while the Willson Auditorium is in use. The use of the stage and its equipment is a technical operation and the operation of the equipment shall be only by the stage technician. A custodian must be on duty at all times when all other facilities are in use. Use of school kitchens shall require the presence of the cafeteria manager or designated employee.

Facility Use and Group Contract:

At all times, orderly conduct shall be required of the lessee and the participants in the scheduled event, including the performers and the audience. If it is believed that a request for facility use will result in disorderly conduct or whose activities may be detrimental to the school or community, the request for facility use will be refused. The lessee and the participants shall confine themselves and their activities to be areas specified in the contract. The areas used shall be left in a clean and orderly condition. There is to be NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES ON THE STAGE OR IN THE SEATING AREA OF WILLSON AUDITORIUM. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON ANY SCHOOL PROPERTY AND PREMISES. THE USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS IS NOT PERMITTED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY.

By request of the Fire Department and concern for public safety, fire and/or open flame are not permitted on the stage or in the seating area of the Willson Auditorium. The Fire Department and Police Department have the authority to inspect the facilities at any time for the safety of the patrons.

Organization Liability:

The lessee shall be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of school equipment or property damaged beyond reasonable or normal expectation.

District Liability:

The school district shall not be held liable for accidents and/or injury suffered by individuals engaged in activities occurring within or upon the school facilities during the time the facilities are being rented. The school district assumes no liability for loss of property.


As a condition for use of the facility, Lessee agrees to indemnify, save and hold harmless Bozeman School District No.7, its employees, representatives, and agents from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, lawsuits, allegations, judgments, and all forms including attorney fees and recoverable costs, (singularly or collectively 'claims') including claims for bodily, emotional, and personal injury, property damage or loss, brought or made against it, arising out of, relating to, caused by, or resulting from Lessee's use of the facility, including claims relating to, arising out of, or caused by the physical condition of the facility, whether or not the basis of the claim(s) was caused by or contributed to, in whole or in part, the negligence of Bozeman School District No.7, its employees, representatives, and agents.


As a condition for use of the facility, the Lessee shall procure Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) Insurance naming Bozeman School District No.7 as a Name Insured or Additional Insured having the same coverage and coverage limits as the "Named Insured". The CGL policy shall have bodily and personal injury coverage limits of no less the $1 million and property damage coverage limits of no less than $500,000. The CGL policy must include effective dates covering the time period Lessee has contracted to use the facility. At least 48 hours before Lessee commences use of the facility, it shall provide written proof of its procurement of the CGL policy required by this provision, including an acknowledgement by the insurance carrier providing the CGL policy that if the CGL policy is cancelled for any reason prior to the effective dates identified in the policy, it will immediately notify, in writing, Bozeman School District No.7 of the cancellation.


The Lessee inspected the physical condition of the facility, is fully aware of the physical condition of facility, accepts the use of the facility in an "as is" condition, and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions of the Facility Use Agreement, including the "Indemnification provision, knowing the physical condition of the facility."


Failure to comply with Title IX regulations of the Civil Rights Acts and any and all laws, rules and regulations, and ordinances of the State of Montana, City of Bozeman, and School District No.7 shall constitute good and sufficient cause for termination of the building use agreement and discontinuation of facility use.

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