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Long Range Collaboration Plan

Bozeman Public Schools launched a new strategic planning process in the fall of 2007 to bring more rigor to the process of setting goals; to ensure the wants, preferences, and needs of our community are well understood; and to strategically focus our resources. The result was the Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP)


As part of LRSP Strategic Objective 3.03 and during the March 1-5, 2021 negotiation session it was concluded among the group that it may be beneficial to memorialize the Consensus Process in the district and to develop a document to use as a foundation of process into the future to assist future participants in understanding the process and the great success it can establish.

LRSP Strategic Objective 3.03 reads, “Use the Consensus Process to develop effective dialogue around matters of importance to the school district and our community.

For detailed information regarding the consensus process in Bozeman Public Schools see information below.