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Immunization and Vaccine Information

Before your child attends Bozeman Public Schools, please do the following on or before the first day of their school attendance:

Documentation:  Bring one of the following to the school.

  • Documentation from a health care provider, health department or official state immunization registry listing the types and full dates of all immunizations your child has received.  This should be signed, stamped and dated or otherwise clearly indicate what health care provider it is from.
  • A State of Montana Certificate of Immunization (blue form) that has been completed and signed by a health care provider or health department.

The school will review the documentation.  If your child is missing any immunizations, they will need to get those immunizations before starting school.

Conditional Attendance:  If immunizations had been delayed or gotten off recommended schedules, some children may need more than one vaccine of the same type in order to attend school.  However, vaccines also need to meet certain spacing and timing rules.  The student may attend school on a "conditional" basis as long as they have received at least one vaccine of each type and will continue to receive the remaining doses.  The Conditional Attendance Form  must be completed by a qualifying healthcare provider.

Exemptions:  Exemptions are an authorized reason for not being fully immunized but being allowed to attend school as per state law.  Montana law does not allow a "personal exemption" but does allow medical and religious exemptions under MCA 20-5-405.

Information on Medical and Religious Exemptions can be found under School Resources on the MT DPHHS Immunizations website.

  • Medical Exemption: Must be completed by a qualifying health care provider and done only in cases where there is a medical contraindication.  The exemption will specify what vaccine(s) is being exempted and for how long.  
  • Religious Exemption:  The parent must sign and return this form.  Use of a Notary is no longer required. The form must indicate which vaccines are being exempted.

All students with exemptions are subject to the Gallatin County Exclusion Notice linked below.
Immunization Exemption Letter