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Bus registration for all riders must be completed before beginning to ride the bus. The school district transportation program serves over 2,800 bus passengers each day. The objective of the program is to provide the most efficient and safe transportation possible. This requires the cooperation of the school district, bus carrier, parents, students, and community.

Transportation by school bus is not mandatory. This service is provided for those who wish to ride under the terms and guidelines established by the school laws of Montana and school district policy.

Students are registered for the bus by their parents. A minimum one-week waiting period may occur before students can begin riding the bus. This gives the Transportation Coordinator, bus contractor and driver adequate time to make sure the designated stop is assigned and added to the route.

All school buses travel established and approved routes. Bus stops are established at designated locations. It is not possible to provide a bus stop at every street or lane. School bus route numbers are displayed beside the entrance door of the bus.

All school bus drivers must be qualified and must perform their duties as stipulated by Montana School Laws, the Montana Office of Public Instruction, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Interstate Commerce Commission. All school bus drivers receive continuous in-service training in the safe methods of operating a school bus.


Doug Kellie
Transportation Coordinator

Register for Bus Service

Important Note: All registrations may have a minimum one-week waiting period before being eligible to ride the bus. 

Register In-Person in the Transportation Services Office - Willson Building - Room 127G
Register Online

Online bus Registration Form            


Alternate Bus Stop Release

online alternate bus stop release 

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Doug Kellie - Transportation Coord.
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The Transportation Department is located in Room 127G - Willson Building


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