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Deputy Superintendents

Welcome - As Deputy Superintendents it is our pleasure to work with the dedicated staff, administrators, families, students that comprise this learning community. Our goal is to provide support to students, teachers, staff, and administrators as we all work to implement the District’s Long Range Strategic Plan.

Our work is guided by the District’s Big Audacious Goal: The Bozeman Public School District is widely recognized as a vibrant, flexible and progressive educational system that generates student excellence and prepares students to succeed and positively contribute in a global community.

The primary Goal Areas we work to support are: Goal Area 1: Academic Performance: Every student meets or exceeds the high academic standards of the Bozeman Public School District, and Goal Area 4: Student Success/Safety/Health/Welfare: Bozeman Public Schools has effective systems in place for students to learn and staff to work in a safe and healthy environment.

Our role is to guide, coordinate, and plan implementation and evaluation of the programs that fall in these areas. We also provide professional learning for our staff for continuous improvement of instructional strategies. 

This Department is divided among outstanding administrators and staff who provide oversight and focus for several areas including but not limited to curriculum and assessment, District programs, special education, gifted, music and fine arts, activities and athletics, adult and community education, health, prevention, and safety.

As we work together to provide a sound, engaging and relevant instructional program so that every student meets or exceeds our high academic standards, our goal is to align our efforts and work collaboratively. We believe that students learn best when their work at school is understood, supported, and reinforced at home. We encourage our families to join us as active participants in their child's education. Communication and understanding between home and school are critical to a student success and we value parental input. Whenever you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to call upon our various departments for support.

Thanks for your commitment to our students.


Marilyn H. King, Ed.D. - Deputy Superintendent

Mike VanVuren - Deputy Superintendent

Contact Us

Dr. Marilyn King
Deputy Superintendent
(406) 522-6003
Mike VanVuren
Deputy Superintendent
(406) 522-6042
Spree Hincks 
Administrative Assistant
(406) 522-6003

Mailing Address Information

  • Deputy Superintendents - Bozeman Public Schools
  • 404 West Main Street
  • Bozeman, MT 59715-0520