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Standing Board Committees

Standing Board Committees

  • Board Committees are governed by Policy 1130 which states, “All committees created by the Board to serve a clear public and governmental purpose shall comply with the open meeting laws and all other laws applicable to school board meetings. Standing committees of the Board may be created and their purpose defined by a majority of the Board. The Board Chair shall appoint trustees to serve on such committees.”
  • District administration has created THIS document to support the committee appointment process on behalf of the Board Chair. 
  • These are working committees that may be held virtually or in-person, and are publicly noticed meetings inclusive of an initial public-comment opportunity. The public is not invited to participate in the discussions, but rather observe. Board Committees are referenced via policy #1130).
  • This site will be used to post current year Committee meeting information including meeting agendas, dates, times and locations.

District Ongoing Collaborative Committee (DOCC)

District Safety Committee

Equity Advisory Committee

Long Range Facilities Planning Committee (LRFP)

Long Range Strategic Planning Committee (LRSP)

Student Inclusion and Resiliency Initiative (SIRI)

Wellness Advisory Committee