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Our District

"Bozeman Public Schools exist to provide an outstanding education that inspires and ensures high achievement so every student can succeed and make a difference in a rapidly changing world community." - Core PurposeOur Core Purpose is supported by essential and enduring principles that guide our school district. The Core Values of the Bozeman School District:

  • High Student Achievement: We are committed to ensuring that all students achieve at high levels.
  • Committed, Quality Staff: We employ and retain well qualified and talented staff members who demonstrate commitment to the Core Purpose of the District.
  • Community and Family Engagement: We believe that parents and the community are essential contributors in the achievement of our goals.
  • Climate: We operate in a climate of respect, honesty and hard work, recognizing the need to be adaptable and open to change.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: We are fiscally responsible in the management and expenditure of all District resources.
  • Decision Making: We rely on best practices research to guide our decision-making.

If you are looking for a community and school district that are working effectively to provide opportunities for our children to succeed and make a difference in the world, then you will be interested in learning about the collaborative effort of the Bozeman School District and its partners. Please review the resources we have on the web to get a glimpse of our effort to provide outstanding educational opportunities to the students and families in the Greater Gallatin Valley. The District Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP) guides our work with the intention of building a stronger, more vital School District that is widely recognized as delivering outstanding education to our students.

Communicating effectively is important, so please contact us if you have questions, suggestions, or need more information. Enjoy!