High School Transition Committee

High School Transition Committee
Posted on 11/01/2018
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Last update: April 2019

Latest Info: 
The Board of Trustees approved the Committee's recommendation of OPTION D at the January 28 Board Meeting.  Please see the map for Option D in the information below.  If you have questions about the boundary and/or transfer policy, please contact the Deputy Superintendent's office at 522-6003.

Do you have a FAQ?  For example; "Why not just use the CJMS/SMS boundaries for the two high schools?"  If you have a question about the high school transition, chances are others have the same question.  Please check out our FAQ document HERE.

The Bozeman School District has formed a High School Transition Committee.  Membership includes parents, students, teachers, administration and other community members.  Applications for this committee were collected from April 15 - May 1, 2018.  There is representation from each BSD7 School and our partner K-8 Rural Schools.

The committee tasks include, but are not limited to, making a recommendation on the grade level split for 2020, making a recommendation for school boundaries, and making recommendations for school culture items (name, mascot, colors, etc.)

(There is a separate committee working on the details of the academic program.  The high school programming committee information can be found HERE.)

The transition committee began work in May 2018 and will continue throughout the 2018/19 school year.
The following links provide more detailed information about the progress of the transition committee:

At the June meeting the committee reached consensus on the following plan regarding grade level split in 2020.  
When the new school opens (2020/21) the seniors will stay at Bozeman High School, while the other grades (9,10,11) will be split between the two schools that first year.  This decision means that the 2017/18 Freshman Class will remain together throughout their high school years.  Also, this decision means that next year's Freshman (2018/19) will split when they reach their Junior year.  The juniors that start at the new high school will represent the first graduating class.
In addition, the committee recommended that we establish an enrollment and placement policy for 9-12, which outlines the procedures for student transfer between schools.

At the Oct 22 meeting three boundary scenarios were presented for comment, feedback and questions from the committee.  These scenarios represent a starting place.  There will likely be other scenarios developed and considered by the committee.  The committee hopes to make a final decision in late November or early December.  The committee recommendation will need to be considered by the Board of Trustees for final approval.

Please use the following links to view maps of the three boundary scenarios presented on 10/22/18
(On all maps, the red area represents the boundary for BHS, while the green area represents the boundary for High School #2)
Option A
Option B
Option C

The following additional two Options will be presented at the November 14 meeting.
Option D
Option E

Boundary Options Detail
(updated on 11/28/18 to include student numbers in 2020 and 2021.)
Updated Boundary Options Detail - 01-23-19

At the Oct. 30 Meeting
, based on previous committee data requests, the administration shared some information about rural school students and their performance at Bozeman High.  In addition, we shared information about socioeconomic status for various sections of our community.  (Average home values and median household income.)  Please see the following links for information shared with the committee.
Rural School Impact (presentation shared 10/30)
Rural School Enrollment Growth
Median income data (Dr. Wallner's data)
Average home value by area (Dr. Gilpin's data)

At the Nov. 14 Meeting, based on previous requests from the committee, the administration shared data related to economic, academic and school engagement, comparing students & families living East of 19th and those living West of 19th.  Please see the following link shared with the committee. 
Option A   East / West Split, Data related to demographics, academics and student engagement.  (updated 1/21/19)

At the November 28 Meeting, additional data was presented regarding the numbers of students who will be attending each school in 2020 and 2021 under each option.  The committee met in small groups to discuss the placement of Anderson school students and reached general consensus that the students from Anderson should attend BHS.

At the December 11 meeting,  additional demographic, achievement and school engagement data was shared with the committee with regards to Option B and D.  A side-by-side comparison was developed.  The committee also reached consensus to eliminate Option A.  In part, this decision was based on the enrollment numbers being too similar between the two schools and a concern that there will be more rapid growth on the West side of town.
Here is the demographic, achievement and school engagement data shared with the committee.
Data presentation, Options B & D - UPDATED, Jan 21, 2019
Side-by-side comparison, Options A,B,D - UPDATED Jan 21, 2019

At the January 9th meeting, the committee continued to discuss some of the data and concerns with Option D, specifically with regard to AP data and the impacts on Hawthorne community.  A mistake was noted on the side-by-side comparison data with regard to AP.  An updated version has been posed in the link under the December meeting.  No consensus was reached regarding Option D.  However, there was not support from the committee to explore other options.  It was determined that we would continue to discuss Option D at the next meeting.

Additional AP Data:  Participation data and comparisons with other AA districts.  Posted January 15, 2019

The Transfer Policy was developed by a subcommittee of the larger committee.  The policy was presented and unanimous consensus was reached in agreement of this new policy.  Next, the policy will be reviewed by our School Board on January 14.
Transfer Policy: Best and Worst Outcomes
DRAFT Transfer Policy and Procedure, Jan. 9, 2019

At the January 23 meeting, the committee reached majority consensus with Option D.  This option and committee recommendation will be discussed at the next Board meeting (January 28).  The Board of Trustees has final approval on committee recommendations.

The Board of Trustees approved the Committee's recommendation of OPTION D at the January 28 Board Meeting.Agenda

The next task for the transition committee is selection of a school name.  A subcommittee will be convened in February for this task.

*Public Information Sessions were held on Nov 19 and Dec 6.  A board discussion and public comment session regarding the boundary issue was held on Jan. 22.

During the process of determining a boundary, the committee collected comments from the community.  HERE is a link to the electronic file with community comments.

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