HiSET - High School Equivalency Exam
The HiSET exam measures knowledge in five different areas: language arts-writing, social studies, science, language arts- reading, and mathematics. An important feature of the HiSET Language Arts- Writing test is a persuasive  essay  component that documents your ability to write and communicate effectively. You will be allowed a calculator for both parts of the mathematics test.

The HiSET tests require some preparation on your part; about two-fifths of graduating high school seniors don't pass the tests under current score requirements. This is how passing scores for the HiSET tests are set: each spring, the tests are administered to a sample group of graduating high school seniors. To pass, you must perform as well as or better than 60 percent of those seniors.


Content Area                       
Number of Questions              
Time Limit             
Language Arts, Writing             50 and 1 Essay Prompt
120 minutes
Social Studies 50 70 minutes
Science 50 80 minutes
Language Arts, Reading 40 65 minutes
Mathematics 50 90 minutes
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