Gallatin High School Colors & Mascot

Gallatin High School Colors & Mascot
Posted on 02/25/2019
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Gallatin High School Mascot/Colors - Chosen
At their May 13, 2019 meeting Trustees approved the following:
Mascot - Raptors
Colors - Black and Royal Blue

Gallatin High School Mascot/Colors - Community Survey
Using the results of the student and staff survey, we conducted an on-line community survey.  The results of this survey will be used to provide guidance to the transition committee in making their final recommendation to the Board.

Input received from this survey will be considered, but it is not intended to be an absolute vote.  The mascot and color survey closed at 5:00p.m. on Friday, May 3.

HERE is a link to the Poll Results.

General Information:
At the Board meeting on March 25, the Trustees approved "Gallatin High School" as the new name for the second high school.  The transition committee is now working on recommendations for school colors and mascot.  It is expected that this recommendation will go to the Board in early May.

Committee Representation:
The High School Transition committee was established in the Spring 2018.  The committee was selected through an application process with the purpose of obtaining a good cross-representation of community members.  There is at least one parent representative from each school, including our rural feeder schools.  The committee also includes students, teachers, administrators and community members at-large.  In total approximately 40 individuals make up the transition committee.

February 21 to March 29, 2019
Community Suggestions were collected using an on-line submission process.  This process resulted in more than 1500 submissions with over 280 unique suggestions. 

April 3, 2019
The transition committee met to narrow down the suggestions using a voting process.  This resulted in 24 suggested mascots and 11 color combinations. 

The committee used the following criteria in the process of narrowing down the suggestions.
1. Avoid using mascots from another AA school or from any school that is considered a feeder school into the Bozeman High School District.  (A list of these schools / mascots is located at the bottom of this page.)
2. Avoid using color combinations or primary colors that are already in use by another AA school.  (A list of these color combinations is located at the bottom of this page.)
3. In consultation with local vendors who provide uniforms, jerseys and other apparel, the committee was encouraged to pick classic colors over those that were unique or trendy, as it can be difficult and expensive to find apparel in those unique colors.

is a link to the list suggested mascots and color combinations that were selected by the committee at the April 3 meeting.

April 8:  Board of Trustees Meeting, 5:45pm, Willson Building - administration provided an update regarding the process and timeline.  All Board meetings are advertised and open to the public.  At this meeting, the public was invited to provide comment to the Board regarding this topic.

April 8 - April 19:
  We conducted an on-line student and staff poll of the mascot and colors identified by the committee on April 3.  This poll went to those students in grades 6-9 who live in the Gallatin High School Boundary.  The poll also went to all high school teachers.  The results of this poll were used to further narrow the list of suggested mascots and colors, prior to the community poll.

April 24: The transition committee met to discuss the results from the student/staff poll.  Using these results, the committee selected the following for the the community poll.  
Mascot Names:
Mountaineers - a person who lives in a mountainous area or someone who climbs mountains.
Osprey - a large fish eating bird of prey.
Rams - male mountain sheep found in Montana.
Raptors (Dinosaur) - a type of dinosaur.
Timberwolves - a gray wolf found in North America.

Color Combinations
Black/Light Blue
Black/Royal Blue

April 26 - May 3:  Using the results of the student and staff poll, we conducted an on-line community poll.  In addition, the committee recommended simultaneously conducting a second student poll for those students who will be attending Gallatin High School.  The results of both polls will be used to provide guidance to the transition committee in making their final recommendation to the Board.

May 6: Board of Trustees Meeting, 5:45pm, Willson School, Administration will provide an update of the process and results from the community and second student poll.  This issue will be discussion only for the Board of Trustees.  No decisions will be made at this meeting.  As always, our Board meetings are open to the public and public comment is encouraged.

May 13:  Board of Trustees Meeting, 5:45pm, Willson Building - administration will present committee recommendation regarding mascot and colors.  Public is invited to attend and provide comment for Board consideration.  Public comment is always taken before any final decision is made.

Other Information for Mascot & Colors Selection

To avoid confusion we cannot use the colors and/or mascot from another AA High School.  Below are mascots and colors for the AA High Schools, BSD7 Elementary Schools as well as local Middle Schools. 

AA High Schools

Belgrade High Panthers Green/White
Billings Senior Broncs Orange/Black
Billings Skyview Falcons Blue/Silver/White
Billings West Golden Bears Black/Yellow-Gold
Bozeman High Hawks Red/Black
Butte High Bulldogs Purple/White
​Great Falls CMR     Rustlers                   Green/Gold
​Great Falls High      Bison                       Blue/White
Helena Capital Bruins Brown/Gold
Helena High Bengals Maroon/Silver
Kalispell Flathead Braves/Bravettes Black/Orange
Kalispell Glacier Wolfpack Blue/Green
Missoula Big Sky Eagles Blue/Gold
Missoula Hellgate Knights Red/Gold
Missoula Sentinel Spartans Purple/Gold       

BSD7 Schools

Chief Joseph Eagles
Sacajawea Falcons
Emily Dickinson Huskies
Hawthorne Hedgehogs
Hyalite Hikers
Irving Owls
Longfellow Lynx
Meadowlark Meadowlarks
Morning Star None
Whittier Wildcats

Local Schools (feed into Bozeman High School District)

Anderson Panthers
Gallatin Gateway Gators
LaMotte Bears
Monforton Wildcats

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